Pescaditos del Salvador Preschool/Childcare

History:  The childcare has been up and running since January 2014 to fulfill an incredible need for the migrant Nicaraguan families picking coffee in Costa Rica.  Each year thousands of Nicaraguans leave their home to travel into Costa Rica and pick coffee as a means to survive.  Some leave their children with family in Nicaragua and others bravely bring them along facing all the challanges that comes with it.  At the preschool/childcare Pescaditos del Salvador, we care for these children for free when their parents come to work.  Many families come with next to nothing and are incredibly blessed by this ministry.  The children receive breakfast, lunch and several snacks throughout the day, are bathed (with parental permission) and learn about Jesus and love our preschool and early childhood curriculum.

Current:  Every year we receive new children but also have an incredible retention rate.  The mom's love coming back year after year and the children remember us and can't wait to go to "school."  We have an amazing preschool curriculum with weekly themes from the Bible and beautiful crafts.  Each child has their own portfolio and each teacher meets with the parent to turn in their activities.  We go on outings and the children are exposed to things which they have never had the opportunity to explore, such as painting and coloring.  The program has grown at such a rate that we are building a new, bigger center.