Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.  John 20:21





Mission Trip Sample Itinerary:

 Please EMAIL us at for more information.

For groups ten and under $85 per person/day, groups over ten $75 pp/day.

Includes meals/lodging and the following activities listed.

Airfare NOT included in the price.


Day one:  Arrival - Travel for many is very tiring. During this day we will pick you up at the airport and bring you to campus to settle in for the week.  Depending on the time of day will determine snacks and meals.

Day two:  Coffee Tour - This tour will include a coffee tasting, a tour of the area and also a detailed explanation of why Café el Toledo does organic coffee farming.  It is a very good idea to bring extra money to buy coffee as this coffee is not exported.  A one pound bag costs $10.00 and they roast dark, medium and light.  (This tour will vary in activities during the time of year participants could harvest, toast and/or pack coffee.)

Day three:  Pre School - Working alongside of us with our ministry Pescaditos del Salvador.  Projects could include but not limited to: painting, renovations and playing/caring for the kids!

Day four:  Caminata (Hike) through the coffee fields to have authentic lunch out of banana leaves.

Day five:  Scavanger Hunt in Atenas (for youth), for other groups tour of Atenas.

Day six:  Finish project at the Preschool.

Day seven:  Church - Participate in an authentic church service.  Afternoon activity to get to know the people in the church, including lunch.


Option one -

Day eight:  Crocodile Tour in the morning on the way to the beach.  Arrive at the hotel, swim and have dinner.

Day nine:  Visit the beach, Manuel Antonio.  Bring some extra cash to parasail, or ride the banana boat.  Return to campus for dinner and some well needed rest.   

Option two -  

Day eight:  Zipline tour at ZooAve which is also very well known for its botanical gardens and wildlife refuge. 

Day nine:  Volcan Poas (if weather permits) and the La Paz waterfall Gardens.  


Day ten:  Prepare for departure, clean cabins and drop off at the airport.