Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding mission trips, internships, donations and other programming.


Is Costa Rica safe? 

Like any country, research and preparation is necessary. In perspective to government stability, it is safe.


Do I need a passport to come to Costa Rica? 

Yes, Costa Rica is out of the United States and you will need a passport to enter the country. 


What airport do I fly into? 

The airport is Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría, or code SJO. Double-check before your finalize your purchase that it is not Liberia, or San José, California. 


Are there any entry or exit fees?

 Often times, the airline includes exit taxes. Check on your ticket purchase to see if the exit tax is included. If not, the tax fee is around $40. 


What is the currency of Costa Rica? 

The currency of Costa Rica is the Colone. Many places will accept dollars. 


Should I exchange U.S. dollars for Colones before I get to Costa Rica? 

You may exchange at bank, in the United States or in Costa Rica, or wait until you meet with your in-country host. 


What vaccinations do I need before I enter the country?

You need up to date on all your immunizations. If you chose, hepatitis A, B, and C is recommended to double check.


Can I drink the tap water? 

No, you cannot drink tap water. Drink bottled water or bring a water bottle that has a filter. REI has plenty of options if you would like to purchase a filter. 


What do I need to bring on the trip? 

Bring athletic (warm weather) clothes, shoes that you don't mind getting dirty, rain jacket, bug repellent (there is a lotion repellent that works well, available at REI), toiletries, water bottle filter and sunscreen.  


Do I need to speak Spanish to be a part of a trip? 

It is definitely beneficial if you speak Spanish, however it is not a requirement. There are plenty of people to help with translating. 


What kind of foundation is Mission to Costa Rica: Pescaditos del Salvador? 

This is a Christian foundation under the 501c3(non-profit status) of Globe International. The organization focuses on service and service-learning. 


Do you except individuals or only groups? 

For individuals, we accept college interns or interns from Christian organizations with letters of recommendation. 


What are some activities I can participate in during my time in Costa Rica? 

Please see the Mission Trips page for our list of activities. 


Will I need to bring an international plug adapter? Is there WiFi available?

No, you do not need an international plug adapter, Costa Rica uses the same adapter as the United States. There is WiFi in the hotel. 


What type of food do they eat in Costa Rica?

The majority of food is not spicy, it consists of rice, beans and a protein.